Interested in learning more about the history of Wood County? Family English will be traveling to the Wood County Historical Museum on Thursday April 12th. Email if you are interested in joining us. (We leave from BGSU as 10:00 and return by 2:00. There are two volunteer drivers, though depending on the number of people, we could always switch to one of the van-cabs for transport, for a fee. The tour will cost around $5.) Visit the website for more information and I hope you can join us!

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Margarita’s Translation

Margarita tells us:

Haiku is not common in Bulgarian poetry. Aleksandra Ivoilova is one of the few poets that write haiku. It is quite an adventure to translate a Bulgarian haiku into English.

Haiku /both singular and plural/, is a Japanese verse form of three unrhymed lines of 5-7-5 syllables each./Webster’s New World Dictionary/. This form of poems date from 9th century to the present day. The most famous of the haiku poets is Basho, living in the 17th century. /Wikipedia/

A haiku traditionally contains one word or a phrase that defines a season or a piece of nature. A haiku is like a still-life. As we read the words that describe a delicate picture, we sense the feelings of the author, and his/her deep thoughts about life.

Read her translation

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Venera’s Translation

Venera Explains: “Millions of Scarlet Roses” is a famous Russian song,written during Soviet times about a sad love story.

Listen: while Reading the lyrics…in Russian and English : ) 

Thanks, Venera!

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Great First Trip to the Toldeo Musuem of Art!

The Toldeo Museum of Art is about 30 minutes away from the BG campus–admission is free and parking costs $5.

Check out their website:

Next Tentative Trip: April 19th (I can drive up to 4…if more people are interested we can get a van–send me an email)

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Baba Marta: March 1st in Bulgaria

Read a bit about the tradition:

Martenista: The turtle is for science and wisdom (much thanks to Margarita!)

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Welcome Back!

Had our first meeting on Thursday–nice to see Hong, Jason, and Alya

Just a reminder that we will be meeting on Thursdays from 12:00-2:00 in room 203 in the education building–it’s a much better room for conversation!

Looking forward to seeing everyone (check out the meeting schedule soon if you are interested in plans this semester or to take the learning styles quiz we completed on Thursday) : )

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Class Information: Spring 2012

Information on Next Semester’s Class Meetings:

  • Thursdays
  • 12-2
  • Education Building, room 203
  • January 12th-April 26th

(I will be working the content for our meeting in the beginning of January and will update the course schedule as soon as I get things planned out!)


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